Wow! And I thought I was the only one.

  You know, I remember myself back as a troubled young adult, maladapted, maladjusted, had some police encounters, the works. You name it, if it was a bad idea, I was getting involved with it. Almost 15 years ago, I went out for a walk, looking for something to hate, maybe hoping to meet death in some interesting way. I walked into an arcade, back in the glory days of arcades, but all the death-and-destruction games were being played. I didn't want to deal with any people, so I moved away from them.

  Then on the other side of the room I saw it- this bright game, and a character with a knowing, inviting rictus grin. It was "Bubbles", and I thought, what the hell, it beats going home, and I started playing it. The controls and movement were different, like you were gliding, or skating, but I quickly got the hang of it, and found myself cleaning a sink. This was totally unlike anything I had ever before associated with video games before. You were growing, and eventually, smiling! Then you went down the drain with a merry tune. After a few rounds, I realized I was doing something I hadn't done in a couple of years, I was smiling too! A few more rounds, and I was laughing myself nearly to tears, watching that bubble grow a face, then a mouth, then an obscene, raging smile, all in the environment of a dirty sink full of insects.

  Things were never the same after that. For that bubble was me, and that game a metaphor for life. Razor blades were no longer thought of as a comfortable exit, but something to keep away from, and dirty, sleazy things were just there to make you bigger and stronger. And the end didn't mean loss, but a new beginning. You went down the drain with a "nyah, nyah-yah, nyah nyah" and a pleasant rush of sound, and started anew. And when this intermediate-level screen we call "life" is over, I am going to go down that drain with a broom and the biggest, raunchiest smile anyone has ever seen. And you know what then? It all starts over!

  Enlightenment can be found in the most improbable things- so be prepared for it in every moment of your life. And thanks so much for the web page, I really got a kick out of it.

I love the pic of you playing a Bubbles at Chuck E' Cheese

  I was about the same age as you during that time and spent many great days and birthdays there. Ours was decorated in a forest theme as well. I would love to be able to make my own game room like that with the same games and theme. I have a sign from Chuck E' Cheese with the mouse in the middle. It is big and I have it hanging in my game room. It says "This Game Section Takes Quarters Only". I don't plan on selling that one as it's a little bit of history and is where I started really playing the classic games that I now collect.

Take care,

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