Technical Information


I ended up getting rid of my Bubbles machine! During the move of 2004, I took the machine out of storage (after 6 long years)
It was in bad shape...including MICE living inside. So sad....but I managed to salvage the Marquee, Bezel and Control Panel


The rest of the list isn't relevant anymore:

I was in need of an X shaped rubber
joystick stabilizer like the one found on Sinistar....

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BELOW is the underside of the Bubbles joystick and the missing Spider

underside of joystick

Wico had the part but a bulk order was the only option...

Wico joystick spider


Mike Ranger helped me fix the first batch of
problems with my Bubbles machine

Text describing the problems Mike fixed

I would like to thank Mike for taking time out of his busy schedule, coming over and removing my boards and transformer and fixing my problems

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